Petroglyph of Chan do Rato 1

Horizontal granite rock with flat surface, at ground level. It is located in a small step between Coto de Chan do Rato and Coto de PorteliƱas, situated 17m S of mound GI36045021.

It corresponds to Poza da Lagoa Group IV of Costas Goberna-1985.

There are two motifs: - Motif no.1: combination of three concentric circles (possible spiral?), 45cm in diameter, and a radial line that extends barely beyond the outer circle in a W direction. - Motif no. 2: It appears to be a combination of two concentric circles, approx. 25cm in diameter, but it is very eroded; it is at a tangent and to the N of motif no1, and there is a 3cm diameter cupmark between them. The state of preservation of the carvings is very poor, as it is in area of transit that is also prone to flooding.