Petroglyph of As Porteliñas 1

Horizontal granite rock with irregular flat surface (with many fissures) and with quarry cuts in the W part. Located at the base of the W slope of As Porteliñas and oriented towards the ría of Vigo.

There are two motifs: - Motif no. 1: circle, 26cm diameter, formed by nine cupmarks (3cm in diameter), situated in the space left by four natural fissures. - Motif no. 2: Situated 32cm N of motif no. 1; it is a latin cross (60cm by 40cm) with a cupmark, 6cm in diameter; it appears to be of fairly recent manufacture. Its state of preservation is fairly bad and it is at risk from the presence of houses close to the petroglyph (in fact the rock has cement on top of it).