Petroglyph of As Porteliñas 2

Large horizontal, granite rock, located in the upper part of a slope (oriented to the west, to the Ría of Vigo), with an irregular surface but tending to be flat.

Corresponds to the Chan do Rato group of Costas/Domínguez/Rodríguez-1990-91. The engraved surface occupies an area of 4.50m (N-S) by 2.50m (E- W).

Difficult to describe due to the poor visibility of the carvings; although it is still possible to identify seventeen motifs:

- Motif no. 1: Two cupmarks (6cm and 4cm in diameter) spaced 8cm apart.

- Motif no. 2: Group of five cupmarks. - Motif no. 3: Group of eleven cupmarks (each approx. 3cm in diameter).

- Motif no. 4: Rectangular cupmark ("naviform"/boat-shaped), 40cm by 18cm with two semicircular grooves beside the short sides.

- Motif no. 5: Two cupmarks (5cn and 8cm in diameter), 10cm apart.

- Motif no. 6: Rectangular cupmark ("naviforme"), 30cm by 20cm, with two semicircular grooves beside the short sides.

- Motif no. 7: Oval, 34cm by 25cm, filled with cupmarks; very poorly preserved/conserved.

- Motif no. 8: Cupmark, 10cm in diameter. - Motif no.9: Combination of two concentric circles (58cm in diameter) with cupmarks in the interior; poorly conserved.

- Motif no. 10: Two cupmarks (9cm and 12cm in diameter), 20cm apart, with many cupmarks between them; possibly framed within a circle or semicircle.

- Motif no. 11: Group of two tangential circles (23cm and 25cm in diameter) filled with cupmarks and united, on the northwest side, by a pseudo-triangular figure measuring 15cm, which is also filled with cupmarks.

- Motif no. 12: Cupmark, 10cm in diameter, surrounded by a line of cupmarks; to its northern side there is another indeterminate figure withmore cupmarks.

-Motif no.13: Cupmark, 6cm in diameter, surrounded by cupmarks.

- Motif no. 14: Cupmark, 11cm in diameter, surrounded by a circle of very worn cupmarks, and by a second circle carved in a continuous line (approx. 34cm in diameter). - Motif no. 15: Semicircle, approximately 18cm in diameter, filled with cupmarks.