Petroglyphs of Coto da Rola 1

CGroup formed by two carved rocks.

ROCK 1: A granite rock, at ground level, situated at the beginning of the E slope of a small granitic coto (elevated area), oriented towards a depression and located between two other larger rocky cotos (to E and W). It has one motif: three concentric circles (35cm in diameter) with four central cupmarks (3cm); a few centimetres to the N, and nearly touching the outer ring, there is another cupmark 8cm in diameter. It is possible that the circular motif and the cupmark are linked by a radial appendix, but poor visibility and erosion impedes confirmation of this.

ROCK 2: Adjacent, to the SSE, to Rock 1 (the motifs are separated by 3.10m); it forms part of the same outcrop separated by a large natural fissure, so its location is the same as the previous panel. It is a granite rock with a rather inclined plane (the motif is situated in an almost vertical position). It has one motif: a group of fifteen cupmarks (between 3-5cm in diameter) that form a pseudocircular combination of approx. 50cm in diameter; the conservation of the cupmarks is from average to good.