Petroglyphs of Coto do Corno 1

Group consisting of two engraved rocks, not associated with or corresponding to those catalogued by F. López Cuevillas in “Las insculturas del Coto do Corno (Nós, no. 64 /15-01-29/ pp. 60-63).

- ROCK 1: Situated 21m NE of Rock 1 of GA3545028 (Coto do Corno II), at ground level. Despite the engravings being in a fairly good state of preservation, there are some zones that are deteriorating with evident erosion (lots of moss and lichens). This stone corresponds to Monte Penide Group VII of Costas Goberna-1985. The motifs (minimum of seven) occupy almost the entirety of the rock. A large circular combination stands out, comprised of 6-7 incomplete circles (some 70cm in diameter) with a central cupmark and cupmarks surrounding it; this motif is linked to other simple circular figures with cupmarks by straight and curved lines. There are also at least two other simple circular motifs (approx. 25cm and 50cm in diameter) with cupmarks in the interior, three more cupmarks of large size, and an incomplete circle (20cm in diameter) whose ends terminate in two small cupmarks.

- ROCK 2: A granite stone, 5.60m by 2.50m, pseudotriangular in shape, and situated 2m E of Rock 1. It is substantially covered by moss and vegetation (gorse) and follows the natural slope of the land (to the N). It has two groups of motifs: - Group no. 1: formed by a series of carvings difficult to identify (a cervid); the carved surface is 40cm (N-S) by 25cm (E-W). - Group no. 2: two rectangular cupmarks (one of them with a small circular cupmark in the centre), of approx. 20cm by 15cm and 18cm by 11cm, with some semicircular lateral grooves that have almost completely disappeared. This group corresponds to Monte Penide Group VI of Costas Goberna-1985.