Mound of Chan da Cruz 4

Measurements of mound: 16.50m (N-S); 15.50m (E-W); 1.40m in height (S side).

Heavily covered with scrub vegetation (gorse, bracken, brambles) and pine trees, which impede the taking of accurate measurements.

The site is very disturbed with a sub-rectangular central hole (the shape of which follows the form of the chamber inside), measuring 1.50m (N-S) by 1m (E-W) and 1m deep.

The damage appears to be relatively recent (brown coloured earth) and leaves at least six granite blocks visible. Their measurements are: L.1: 0.60m (width); 0.45m (height); 10cm (thick). L.2: 1.40m (width); 0.90m (height); 20cm (thick). L.3: 0.75m (width); 0.50m (height). L.4: 0.60m (width); 0.90m (height). L.5: 0.40m (width). L.6: collapsed. Stones 3, 4, 5 and 6 do not extend from the mound and are within the hole.

There is a seventh stone, 0.70m by 0.65m, to the SE of the hole, which almost certainly belongs to the chamber. This does not appear to be the case with two schist stones located 4-5m W of the mound.