Mound of Chan da Cruz 6

Measurements of mound: 23m (N-S), 21m (E-W); 1.80m in height (N side).

Mound covered by scrub vegetation and pine trees. There is a large central disturbance, 3.25m (N-S) by 3.50 (E-W) and 1.60 m deep (maximum depth to N), that reveals three upright but slightly inclined granite slabs.

Their measurements are: L.1: 1.10m (width); 0.65m (height); 20cm (thick). L.2: 0.90m (width); 0.70m (height). L.3: 1.20m (width); 0.80m (height); 10-15cm (thick). At the southern limit of the mound, where its diameter is greatest, there is an accumulation of earth, probably the result of the action of looting.

Beside it, however, there is a lack of mound material that appears to reach to the centre of the disturbance, although it was not possible to determine this precisely due to the abundant vegetation. In general the northern part of the mound is less altered and there are only some small tree throws.