Mound of Chan da Cruz 7

Situated 25m E of GA36045037. Measurements of the mound: 22.50m (N-S); 22.50m (E-W); 1.60m in height (N side). Mound with two areas of disturbance: the first hole, situated in the centre, measuring 3.60m (E-W) by 5.50m (N-S) and 0.90m deep (more elevated in the N than the S, the zone where the looters entered); a second hole of irregular form, measuring 4m by 2.30m, 0.75m deep, situated in the eastern part. Almost in the centre of the mound (1.70m from the southern edge of the central hole) there is an upright granite stone that serves as a boundary between the parishes of Trasma├▒├│ and Negros. Many pine trees have been planted on top of the mound, while there is a lot of gorse in the interior of the hole.