Mound of Chan da Cruz 10

Measurements of mound: 14.90m (N-S); 13.50m (E-W); 1.10m in height. Very disturbed mound, covered with scrub vegetation (gorse) y pine trees, and with a large sub- rectangular central hole (it appears to follow the form of the internal chamber). The hole measures: 1.15m (N-S) by 1.90m (E-W) and 0.90m deep; it appears to be recent as reddish earth and loose stones from a possible mantle are still visible. Also visible in the hole are three granite slabs measuring: L.1: 0.73m (width); 0.65m (height); 25cm (thick). L.2: 0.75m (width); 0.70m (height); 10cm (thick). L.3: 1m (width); 0.70m (height); 25cm (thick). To the W of the hole there are three other large collapsed stones, of which only one could be part of the chamber (one of the other two has been dressed to produce an ashlar block). There are also remains of an (older) hole, measuring 4.10m (E-W) by 2.10 m (N-S).