Mound of Chan da Cruz 13

Measurements of mound: 13.30m (N-S; although the mound is affected in its S limit); 12.70m (E-W; although the mound is affected in its W limit); 0.60m in height (on the E side).

The mound is substantially altered both along its limits as well as in the centre, where there are various pine trees planted on top of it, as well as a hole from which two upright granite slabs protrude; in addition there are three further slabs, as well as abundant amounts of loose stones (remains of possible mantle).

The measurements of the hole are 2.30m (N-S) by 1.70m, (E-W) and 0.85m deep. The measurements of the slabs are: L.1: 1.25m (width); 0.70m (height); 20cm (thick). L.2: 0.60m (height). L.3: 1.40m (width); 0.65m (height); 25cm (thick). L.4 (fragmented): 0.35m (width); 0.40m (height); 8cm (thick). L.5: 0.52m (width); 0.48m (height); 20cm (thick). L.6: 0.46m (width); 0.54m (height). In the southern part of the mound there is another hole measuring 3.25m (N-S) by 2.75m (E-W).