Mound of Chan da Cruz 14

Situated 30m S of GA36045036.

Measurements of the mound: 21.50m (N-S); 22.50m (E-W); 1.25m in height (N side).

Mound with central hole measuring 4.25m (N-S) by 5.10m (E-W) and 0.80m deep, in which granite stones (of small and medium size) appear, which could be the remains of the mantle or even an internal structure.

At the S limit of this hole there is an “elevation”, probably the result of earth removed during looting. The mound is covered with pine trees and some scrub vegetation (gorse, heather, bracken) and there is an upright granite stone (marking the limit between the parishes of Trasmañó and Negros) 10m to SW.