Mound of Chan da Cruz 21 - King's Mound

Measurements of mound: 20.30m (N-S); 19.20m (E-W); 1.75m in height (W side). Very disturbed mound due to various causes, for example: looting, numerous burrows, pine trees growing on top, abundant scrub vegetation (gorse, heather, bracken), a Telefónica marker, and a recently asphalted track which affects the north and east part of the mound.

A large hole particularly stands out, which leaves visible a large megalithic chamber formed by six large upright slabs, and another collapsed in the interior of the chamber (lifted recently, in 2003, corresponding to the “backstone”.

The slabs are very altered due to detachments of the rocky surface caused by erosion and other factors.

Measurements of slabs: L.1: 1.50m (width); 1.85m (height); 20cm (thick). L.2: 1.50m (width); 2.20m (height); 25cm (thick). L.3: 1.65m (width); 1.50m (height); 30cm (thick). L.4: 1.50m (width); 1.75m (height); 37cm (thick). L.5: 1.90m (width); 2.20m (height); 30cm (thick). L.6: 0.90m (width); 25cm (thick). At the other end of the track, 15m away, there is a block 1.75m by 1.50m that probably belongs to the  monument (in the environs of the site there are further similarly sized slabs e that also could have belonged to this or other megalithic monuments in the zone).

Due to the disturbances previously enumerated there are zones, in the interior of the chamber and in the rest of the mound, that soil conforming to mound material (very fine, reddish colour), and stones from the mantle are visible. Anta I of C. de Mergelina and moundno. I of Hidalgo-Costas.