Mound of Chan da Cruz 22

Measurements of mound: 14.50m (N-S); 13.60m (E-W); 1m in height. Very disturbed mound due to land clearance and dumping of soil from the asphalt road that runs along its western side.

It is also moderately covered with scrub vegetation (gorse) and some small pine trees. This means that the measurements given are approximations.

There are various granite slabs resting on top of, and also against the sides of the mound that could be the orthostats of the chamber or remains of quarrying (there are outcrops to the W with evidence of extraction). In the centre there appears to be a depression through which two small upright granite stones (L.1: 0.30m by 0.70m; L.2: 0.27m by 0.45m) protrude, which probably belong to a stone chamber within the mound.