Mound of Chan da Cruz 27

Measurements of mound: 14m (N-S); 12.50m (E-W) y 0.40m in height (all approximate measurements).

The general aspect and location of this mound indicates that it could correspond to Hidalgo-Costas tumulus no. 29, although it is now quite altered (almost destroyed) and there is very little of the mound left. It is partially covered by scrub vegetation (grass, gorse) and large pine trees.

There is a large central hole that reveals two upright schist slabs, and two smaller collapsed slabs; there is a fifth stone, of similar characteristics, which appears to be the remains of quarrying. Confirming the latter theory are the possible mounds of earth that could be the remains of a quarry, as well as the two large trenches of unknown use that appear on the western side. The measurements of the slab are: L.1: 1.30m (width); 1.30m (height); 20cm (thickness). L.2: 0.55m (width); 0.70m (height); 10cm (thickness). L.3: 0.50m (width); 0.65m (height). L.4: 0.70m (width); 0.50m (height). L.5: Very obscured by vegetation, measures at least 33cm in thickness. The hole associated with the disturbance occupies almost the entire diameter of the mound, and has an approximate depth of 1m. In the southern part there is another small hole.