Mound of Castro Ferreiro 1

Measurements of mound: 21.25m (N-S); 20.25m (E-W); 1.25m in height.
A considerably disturbed mound with a large central depression and two dirt tracks and a path crossing it.

The disturbance hole measures 6.50m (N-S) by 6m (E-W) by 0.50m deep, leaving numerous stones,which could have formed part of the mantle, exposed. To the east there is another elongated “depression” that reaches the eastern edge of the mámoa.
The mound is at particular risk as it is located in a pine plantation (although the trees are still small) and very close to a recreation (picnic) area with large numbers of people.

There is a quartzite slab located on the mound (probably remains of the internal central structure,now altered).