Mound of the forest park of Vixiador 1

Measurements of mound: 10.80m (N-S); 11.25m (E-W); 0.50m in height.
The site was discovered as a result of previous vegetation clearance of the area.

A fairly flattened mound, especially in the N and W part, with a central hole, measuring approx. 3m (N-S) by 3.50m (E-W) by 0.40m deep, which exposes parts of three upright quartzite slabs forming part of the chamber:
L.1: 1.25m (width); 0.24m (height); 10cm (thick).
L.2: 1.28m (width); 0.40m (height); 15cm (thick). The upper part of this slab was recently broken by a strimming machine.
L.3: 0.50m (width); 0.40m (height); 18cm (thick).