Petroglyph of Coto de Negros 4

This group is situated on a dirt track, and consists of two pieces of granite.

Rock 1: irregular form and slightly domed surface; has a group of 18 cupmarks between 1cm and 2.5cm in diameter (it seems that there should be more but they did not appear due to the erosion of the stone). It is quite covered by topsoil.

Rock 2: Situated 90cm E of the previous rock, beside the track previously mentioned; more or less trapezoidal in shape (1.10m N-S x 0.68m E-W), irregular surface, slightly inclined to the S. It is higher above ground level than Rock 1, but appears to have been moved from its original location; possibly as a result of quarrying (the eastern part of the rock is cut). Very eroded motifs including 11 cupmarks of diverse diameters (2-4 cm) and two possible undulating lines.

Located thanks to Xosé Couñago (Asociación Cultural Alén Nós).