Mound of Chan da Cruz 23


Measurements of mound: 26.90m (N-S); 26m (E-W); 2m in height.
Large mound substantially covered by scrub vegetation (gorse, bracken) and pines. There is a large hole in the centre that occupies much of the surface of the site, to the extent that all of the N-S axis is altered (practically without mound material).

This hole, 20m (N-S) by 10.50m (E-W) with a depth equalling the height of the mound, reveals two large granite orthostats that measure:
L.1: 1.40m (width); 1.90m (height); 30cm (thickness).
L.2 (inclined towards the hole): 1m (width); 1.20m (height); 15cm (thickness).