Mound of Chan da Cruz B

Measurements of possible mound: 10m (N-S); 11m (E-W); 0.50m minimum height.

As in the case of RE36045001, it is not clear if this is a mound but it appears to have a shallow central depression that extends northwards to its limit.

While the presence in the SE part (very close to the edge of the possible mound) of two small upright schist slabs may suggest so, their location does not correspond well with the remains of a possible chamber in a central position.

The measurements of the slabs are: L. 1: 0.60m x 0.20m, and 16cm de thick. L.2: 0.55m x 0.30m, and 7cm de thick. There is also a third slab (covered by earth and vegetation) lying near to the “tumulus” (to the SW), measuring 1.10m x 0.80 m, which could belong to a possible structure.