Relevant legislation protecting the archaeological environments and the natural environs of Monte Penide.

Essential legislation:

1. Law 16/1985, 25th June, of the Patrimonio Histórico Español (Spanish Historic Heritage).
2. Law 8/1995, 30th October, of the Patrimonio Cultural de Galicia (Cultural Heritage of Galicia)
3. Decree 199/1997, 10th July, which regulates archaeological activity in the Autonomous Community of Galicia.
4. Penal code, especially articles 506,516, 558, 563 and 563bis.

We point to some considerations to take into account during visits to the archaeological sites of our mountain, which are covered by these regulations:

1. Surveys or excavations cannot be undertaken without the authorisation of the relevant administration, in this case the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Xunta of Galicia.
2. Restorations or consolidations cannot be undertaken, nor signposts nor posters relating to these sites erected without the authorisation of the administration.
3. It is not permitted to undertake work, remove or move earth, including the pruning of trees in the vicinity of a site without previous authorisation of the administration.
4. Cleaning and cutting back of vegetation should be done by hand and overseen by archaeologists.
6. Be respectful when visiting these sites, avoid walking on the walls of archaeological structures, and on the rock art carvings. Do not remove any pieces or stones from the sites.
7. In the case of finding something by chance, report it and give it to the Archaeological Service of the Provincial Cultural Delegation of Pontevedra (Servicio de Arqueología de la Delegación Provincial de Cultura de Pontevedra).

The legislation expresses that all sites have an integral area of protection, centred on the site itself, with a protective exclusion zone of 200m around the site (measured from the outermost limit of the site). Any work or movement of earth within this space must be authorised by the administration