Presentation of the Virtual Museum of Monte Penide.

Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Prehistoric Monte Penide. This website aims to provide information about Monte Penide, also known as Monte Mirallo, and the important archaeological sites to be found on its slopes, covering a period of at least 4000 years of prehistory.

Fall of the night at the Alto das Porteliñas


An initiative of the Cultural Association "Alen Nós", this project aims to create a "museum" in Monte Penide that incorporates and deals with the archaeological sites and material pertaining to the Municipality of Redondela.

This website is promoted and sponsored by the Municipality of Redondela and co-financed with funding from the Agencia Gallega de Desarrollo Rural (AGADER)(Galician Agency for Rural Development).

The creation of a museum, in this case a virtual one, has become an imperative in the face of the continuous, though slow, destruction of the cultural and natural heritage of this area. By increasing awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of Monte Penide and its archaeology, this project aims to protect both the mountain and our own inheritance.



Many residents who live close to these archaeological sites are often oblivious of their existence, with this lack of awareness resulting in unintentionally destructive behaviour with relation to this heritage. To remedy this current situation action needs to be taken to increase local awareness of the potential benefits that the development of their heritage could unlock.

This website contains all the current existing archaeological information relating to Monte Penide, and facilitates subsequent informed visits, following routes and trails, to these sites.

Different thematic routes, categorised according to prehistoric period, are suggested, for Monte Penide. One route brings the visitor to the mámoas (burial mounds) of the mountain, another to the rock art sites, and another to the castros (fortified settlements). There is also a longer, comprehensive route incorporating all of the archaeological elements of Monte Penide. These routes are only suggestions, providing information to visitors to the mountain and enabling them to choose the particular route most suited to them.

Additional information for these routes will be provided by in situ signage along the route and a printed guide, but the main information platform for these routes is this “Virtual Interpretive Centre”.

Rock found at North side of Castro de Negros